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American Cemetery & Cremation is an independent trade magazine for cemetery owners and managers along with others allied to the field. Each issue of American Cemetery & Cremation offers in-depth coverage of issues affecting the cemetery profession in today's competitive business environment, including grounds maintenance tips, national and state association coverage, marketing, insurance, computers/software and more. With the relaunch of the American Cemetery & Cremation, there is also an added emphasis on cremation.
Published monthly (12 issues per year)

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In May's Issue

  • Cover Story
    America's Cemetery – Hillcrest Memorial Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, is changing its name to reflect its dedication to the principles of this nation ... Welcome to America's Cemetery.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Cremation
    The Trade Business – In this third installment in the series, the focus is on the trade cremation business – what it is, and what it isn't.
    By Daniel M. Isard

  • Memorialization
    Remembering Daimien – By all accounts, Daimien Rome Labra Rivas was a happy, energetic little boy. When he died, his parents looked for a way to always remember their little boy.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Monuments
    Creating Unique Options – Forward-thinking cemeterians are incorporating beautiful feature pieces into their cremation gardens' master plans.
    By Amy Thielen

  • Maintenance
    The Maintenance Formula – With fluctuating gasoline prices, cemeterians need to keep an eye on their budgets.
    By Robert Mosko

  • Business
    Managing Fuel Costs – Our experts weigh in on the state of the mausoleum and columbarium industry, the options available for cremation families and what the future holds.
    By Lisa Howard-Fusco

  • Design Portfolio
    Purposeful Design – The centerpiece of a new mausoleum is statuary created by LP Bronze.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Roundtable
    Advance Sales – Our experts weigh in on advance sales, the preneed of the cemetery industry.
    By Lisa Howard-Fusco

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Association of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
  • Silver Award Table of Contents Design, 2005
  • Silver Award, Publication Re-design, 2004
United Communications Group (UCG)
  • Third Place, Best Instructional Reporting, "From Yesterday to Tomorrow: Does Your Cemetery Have a Plan?" May 2006
  • First Place, Good Writing, "Survivor Cemeteries," November 2005
  • Third Place, Good Writing, "Evanescence," March 2005
  • Second Place, Good Writing, "Honoring Competence, Courage and Sacrifice," June 2007
  • Third Place, Best Instructional Reporting, "Beware of Slip and Fall," November 2007
Graphic Design USA
  • Blue Book Advertising, 2005
  • Mortality Symbols, 2005