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American Cemetery & Cremation is an independent trade magazine for cemetery owners and managers along with others allied to the field. Each issue of American Cemetery & Cremation offers in-depth coverage of issues affecting the cemetery profession in today's competitive business environment, including grounds maintenance tips, national and state association coverage, marketing, insurance, computers/software and more. With the relaunch of the American Cemetery & Cremation, there is also an added emphasis on cremation.
Published monthly (12 issues per year)

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In May's Issue

  • Cremation
    Updating a Classic – It may be among the oldest continuously operating crematories in the U.S., but there is nothing dated about the way the Forest Lawn Cremation Co. does business.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Advance Sales
    The Do's of Advance Sales – It's not always easy, but there are ways you can put your firm on a better financial footing.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Advance Sales
    Beyond Selling: Helping People to Buy – We are in the service industry. Much of what we provide our clients is intangible, and they need to experience it.
    By Susanna Pau

  • Grounds Maintenance
    Caring for Trees and Monuments – Woodlawn Cemetery defines and improves the role trees play in the overall health of its landscape.
    By Matt Fredmonsky

  • Cover Story
    A Mission to Honor the Forgotten – A New Jersey man and his group are working to make sure every veteran in the state gets the interment they deserve.
    By Steve Cronin

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Association of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
  • Silver Award Table of Contents Design, 2005
  • Silver Award, Publication Re-design, 2004
United Communications Group (UCG)
  • Third Place, Best Instructional Reporting, "From Yesterday to Tomorrow: Does Your Cemetery Have a Plan?" May 2006
  • First Place, Good Writing, "Survivor Cemeteries," November 2005
  • Third Place, Good Writing, "Evanescence," March 2005
  • Second Place, Good Writing, "Honoring Competence, Courage and Sacrifice," June 2007
  • Third Place, Best Instructional Reporting, "Beware of Slip and Fall," November 2007
Graphic Design USA
  • Blue Book Advertising, 2005
  • Mortality Symbols, 2005