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American Funeral Director, the leading independent trade magazine for funeral directors and other funeral service professionals, is in its 140th year of publication. The monthly publication offers original reporting, analysis and business solutions on the issues most important to funeral professionals: cremation, preneed, technology, social media, human resources and more.

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"I'm an avid American Funeral Director reader and my business thrives as a result."
- Timothy E.Ryan, Timothy E. Ryan Funeral Homes

In October's Issue

  • Confessions of a Funeral Director - Sixth-generation funeral director Caleb Wilde reflects on mortality and the powerful lessons death holds for everyone in his new book.

  • A Conversation with ... - With Homesteaders' long-term transition plan nearly complete, we talk with president and CEO Stephen Lang and Steve Shaffer, who is set to become the new chief executive in March.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Growing Up Funeral: Journey Through the Succession Decision - As with any major life decision, the journey through the succession decision feels like a long trip that finds you at the edge of a cliff.
    By Erin Whitaker

  • Making the Connection - Discovering what consumers really want from funeral service providers will help you grow your business in service to your community.
    By Alyssa McNab

  • The Importance of 'WHY' - After months of development, Funeral Directors Life has launched "The Wolfelt Experience" training to understand the 'WHY' behind a personalized funeral experience.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Technology Touch Points - Our KB Tech Partners answer your most pressing technology questions.
    By Patti Martin Bartsche

  • Is it Fact or Fiction? - There are some things in life you know you can't get by without, but that doesn't make you an expert on it.
    By Bill Williams

  • Risk Management Strategies for Dealing with Third-Party Crematories - While undoubtedly a value option for many funeral homes, outsourcing cases to third-party crematories certainly does not come without risks.
    By Emily Ann Albrecht

  • When it Is Time to Dismiss - Firing an employee is stressful for individuals and businesses. Knowing how to do it - and why to do it - can often make the process less painful for all involved.
    By Steve Cronin

  • Is SEO Still a Thing? - SEO, of course, stands for search engine optimization, one of the most foundational aspects of online marketing for close to two decades now.
    By Welton Hong

  • Being Pink in a Blue World - I am tired of hearing stories about the negative side of being female in a male-dominated funeral world. As many know, we are an even more unique breed than our male counterparts.
    By Ann Marie St. George

  • The Illusionist - The art of embalming is more often accomplished when the embalmer understands the patient mindfulness that is needed when exercising a skilled hand in the art of illusion.
    By Lee Barringer

  • Canine Compassion - Funeral homes throughout the country are using canine companions to help provide healing to grieving families as they say their final goodbyes.
    By Sharon Verbeten

  • Roundtable - Green burial remains a popular option among families, and more cemeteries are adding green sections to their existing facilities.
    By Steve Cronin

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