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Forever Legacy Releases Mausoleum Construction Video

AUSTIN – Forever Legacy, premier builder of private mausoleums, recently completed a granite mausoleum in Kansas for beloved philanthropist Cecil O'Brate. As the 15 foot 1 inch tall mausoleum was being constructed of Vermont blue gray granite, Forever Legacy committed to videotaping the entire process, creating the first private mausoleum construction video.

The Forever Legacy construction process begins at the quarry, where everlasting granite pieces are quarried and split with expansion wedges. The granite loaf is cut with a diamond saw to exact measurements. Diamond sandpaper is used to create a polished surface.

Mausoleum construction requires careful tool work by dedicated craftsmen to create marble features including names, column decorations, and windows. Precision is critical for this handcraft as any slip ruins not only the carving, but also the entire piece of granite. After months of quarrying, cutting, carving, and finishing, the granite is carefully prepared for transport to the construction site.

At the site, the specialized mausoleum construction team of Forever Legacy works with painstaking precision to create custom architecture. Each step in the building process is completed with diligence, ensuring flawless construction. Once the granite interior and exterior are finished, design elements are added including art glass and statuary. In the case of the O'Brate mausoleum, hexagonal glass and bronze doors are added to complete the mausoleum build.

In a unique 5:23 minute mausoleum construction video, the entire construction process from quarry to completion is detailed. The video offers unusual insight to the mausoleum construction process, showing steps from granite cutting to door installation.

Bill Savino, chairman of Forever Legacy said, "We took the unusual step of documenting the entire process of mausoleum construction, from start to finish, with video and photos. Private mausoleum construction requires special materials and skills, necessary to create an eternal legacy. We wanted to give viewers an inside look at the process, using the recent construction of the O'Brate Mausoleum. It is evident that a private mausoleum is exceptional."

Posted Dec. 3


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