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New Poster and Brochure by Dr. Alan Wolfelt Teach the Families You Serve About the Value of Funerals

FORT COLLINS, CO — The Center for Loss and Life Transition announces a new poster and brochure set written by Dr. Alan Wolfelt designed to teach the families you serve about the value of a meaningful funeral experience. The poster, entitled “Why We Have Had Funerals Since the Beginning of Time,” explains in clear, yet gentle language the many essential purposes of the funeral ceremony.

Making use of a multi-colored pyramid, Dr. Wolfelt teaches the valuable functions of reality, recall, support, expression, meaning and transcendence. The content allows families to understand the why of the meaningful funeral experience. As Dr. Wolfelt observes, “As you know, many of the families you now serve have never been taught about why funerals are so important. I have a passion for creating practical tools that assist you in this process.” The beautifully designed poster is 24x36 inches, fits in a standard-sized frame, and costs $20.

The companion brochure explores the purposes of funerals in a little more depth and is designed to be a compassionate, educational take-home piece for grieving families and funeral home guests. A packet of 100 brochures is $50.

Dr. Wolfelt is the author of numerous books, including “Funeral Home Customer Service A-Z: Creating Exceptional Experiences for Today’s Families,” and “Creating Meaningful Funerals: A Guide for Families.” He presents workshops sponsored by hospices, hospitals, universities, and funeral homes across North America.

To order the poster and brochure, visit or call 970-226-6050.


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