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Connecticut Funeral Directors Association Offers Free Consumer Brochure

WETHERSFIELD, CONN.– A growing number of Americans are planning in advance for their own funerals and burials, making specific arrangements and paying for them. Pre-planning can bring peace of mind and help to relieve the emotional and financial stress on surviving family members when a loved one dies.

In Connecticut, residents who qualify for Medicaid/Title 19 – and who have not yet applied for that program – have the option of pre-paying for their own funerals by spending down their assets. People who already are enrolled in Medicaid can also use available funds to pay toward their funeral. Now, a new brochure from the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association explains what these consumers should know about advance planning and presents some of the available funding options.

The online and print brochure, “Funeral Trusts & Contracts: Regarding Medicaid & Title 19 – What Am I Entitled to?”, can be viewed and/or downloaded for free at the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association’s website, or a free pocket brochure can be ordered to be sent in the mail by calling the organization at 860-721-0234.

“All Connecticut citizens, regardless of income, have the right to a respectful and dignified funeral – one that serves the cultural, religious and personal choices of the individual and family,” explains Pasquale S. Folino, CFSP, a licensed funeral director and President of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association. “But the laws about how Medicaid/Title 19 affects pre-funded funerals can be confusing for consumers, and even for the health and social services professionals and financial consultants who work with them.”

“We created this free resource to give consumers useful, accurate information and to answer commonly asked questions so they can get the funerals and funding they are entitled to,” says Folino. The brochure explains how individuals applying for Medicaid can set aside funds to pay for funerals, and lists which documents they should bring when they meet with an attorney or caseworker to apply. It reviews Connecticut’s laws governing funeral trusts and contracts and describes how funeral directors can help individuals arrange for funding through options that include an Irrevocable Trust or a Revocable Burial Plot Allowance or a Life Insurance Policy.

The Connecticut Funeral Directors Association will send copies of this new brochure to all members of the Connecticut State Legislature and to the State associations of a variety of healthcare and legal professions to make them aware of this free resource.

Anyone may download a free PDF copy of “Funeral Trusts & Contracts: Regarding Medicaid & Title 19”, go to To have a paper copy of the brochure mailed to you, please call the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) at 860-721-0234 or 800-919-2332.


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