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Orlando Creative Services Announces Launch of its Website

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Orlando Creative Services (OCS) announced recently the launch of its website, serving the funerary genre with design, branding, and image enhancement for print and electronic media.

Paul Orlando, who has been serving the industry since 1983, has been co-founder of Adfinity and creative director of MKJ Marketing and FrontRunner Professional, and offers his talent to the industry directly as the new entity’s website designer. “It’s about time!” said Orlando, founder of OCS. “Clients will be able to see the caliber of design they can expect from us, as well as get ideas that apply to their goals” as the website displays many samples of various design samples.

Orlando has been serving funeral firms as well as other genres of industries for some time, but has recently announced the splash into death care as a primary objective. The company’s website,, went live at the end of June.

The website offers virtually all of the usual ad agency fare such as custom advertising for print and web including logo development, a ready-to-use newspaper ad library, websites, brochures and outdoor media. The company will also feature published prices on all non-custom and some custom work, as well as several ways to pay, including retainer programs.

Of all the website’s samples, it features a funeral home website as a unique and affordable alternative to the data management websites offered by software developers. “We’re proud that we’ve found a way to offer a funeral home website that has the appearance and elegance of websites associated with high-dollar sites that are part of a large system. But for those firms that just want a great-looking website with tributes and service details, we offer exactly that — and, without the monthly licensing fees,” Orlando noted. “There’s no licensing fees, the firm can shop hosting fees, it’s fully editable, and is the perfect solution if you’re already happy with your data and forms management.” OCS’s website has a gallery of design samples, and demos are offered through direct contact.

To learn more about Orlando Creative Services, contact Paul Orlando at 1-877-791-7160 or by emailing at


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