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Frigid Fluid Company Announces New Trademark

NORTHLAKE, ILL. - Frigid Fluid Company recently announced that “SILITECH” is now a registered trademark for the Silicone Technology line of embalming fluids offered by Frigid Fluid Co.

Since its introduction a few years ago, the family of Silicone Technology fluids – 36 Plus, Perfect Tone, Natural Tone and X-20 – rapidly became the top selling of the three lines of arterial fluids offered by Frigid. This strong recognition by the funeral industry, and its unique formulation, called for special designation and identification: the trademark “SILITECH."

Silicone, a highly lubricating substance used in many industries, especially in areas of very tight tolerances where lubrication is required, is an ideal additive to arterial fluids. It enables and enhances deeper and more penetrating dispersion of the embalmment throughout the body, particularly into the smallest capillary systems. Silicone does not react with water, nor is it affected by formaldehyde or other chemicals that comprise the embalming formulation.

For information on the “SILITECH” line of fluids, contact Frigid Fluid at 800-621-4719 or visit its website by scrolling to and clicking on the “Formulated with Silicone” banner on the home page.


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