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Reduce Embalming Water Cost by 50 Percent with New Hydro-Miser

ROYAL OAK, MICH. – NRJ, LLC has announced its latest innovation … the Hydro-Miser Embalming Cleaning Tool.

The device uses less water, reduces labor and saves time. Plus it provides 10 times more effective surface cleaning area than by just using a gum hose. A typical embalming procedure may require hundreds of gallons per case. Multiply that times your annual case load and that adds up to a lot of money down the drain.

The Hydro-Miser combines embalming cost savings with powerful cleaning jets. The built-in flow adjuster on an ergonomic rubber handle makes tough cases eaier. The Hydro-Miser is made of durable chrome and aluminum. This will give you years of service. Throw away those table magnets and suction cups. You can set down the Hydro-Miser anywhere and not worry about the hose falling on the floor.

See the Hydro-Miser demo along with NRJ’s other products like Gorilla Grip incision closures, Mort-Port drainable Unionalls, and more at

Posted Sept. 3


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