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Aerial Scatterings Business Refreshes Options After 20 Years

CHICAGO Aerial Egress, a family owned final disposition provider, celebrates 20 years in business with expanded locations and services. The aerial cremated remains scattering business started in 1993 and has been offering alternative burial options since its inception.

Egress, which means “the act of going, especially from an enclosed space”, gives families and friends the opportunity to release their loved ones over bodies of water and private property throughout the Chicagoland area.

“Throughout the past 20 years Susan and I have expanded our services based on our customer’s needs. We understand that every family is different and therefore expect every ceremony and service to have its own unique feel,” said Dennis Martinek, co-owner and pilot at Aerial Egress.

In honor of 20 years in the industry, Egress will be expanding their service options and available ceremony locations. The company, which previously only served the greater Chicago area, will now be expanding their services to all of Lake Michigan, including Milwaukee and Door County, Wis.

In addition to broadening its service map, Aerial Egress will be expanding services. Further ceremony options will be provided beyond the traditional scatterings, which currently entail an optional ground ceremony to accompany the release of the cremated remains.

“At Egress, we value the role we are able to play in our clients’ ceremonies. We recognize that our services help to provide closure and comfort for those left behind,” said Susan Martinek, co-owner and planner for the company. “We ensure that all Egress scatterings are done with honor, dignity and respect whether witnessed or not, simple or complex.” Egress currently offers the following scattering ceremonies:

• Unattended Scattering: Cremated remains are often sent from a loved one be returned to a special place around Lake Michigan. Rose petals, or other natural items that may be meaningful, can be added to the cremated remains to better increase the visibility of the scattering.

• Witnessed Scattering: Scatterings scheduled to coincide with large or small memorial gathering on the ground, at a location of the loved one’s choice.

• Ride-along Scattering: Egress is able to accommodate up to two family members, friends or clergy.

• Military Scattering: Coordinated special ceremonies for active military or veterans. A 20 percent discount is offered.

For more information about Aerial Egress, please visit or call 708-447-8759.


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