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Crosswind Concepts Introduces Chair for Transporting on Rough Terrain

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Crosswind Concepts is pleased to introduce the Freedom Chair to the market.

The Freedom Chair started as an emergency evacuation chair in case of an emergency to get people out of multiple story buildings that are in wheelchairs. When the 10” Worry Free Tires are installed the chair doubles as a courier for individuals to get them across rough terrain. “Having pushed my son for 30 years in his chair, I fully understand the challenges when it comes to transporting a wheelchair across any terrain that is less than perfect," said Jack Wright, president of Crosswind Concepts.

“We were contacted recently by a funeral home director in Kansas that said he has been searching for a long time for a device like this. He stated that this is the perfect chair to get people across a cemetery lawn when needed, whether it is during a service or just when visiting a loved one," Wright said. “We are told that there are so many times that a person has to stay in the car and only see a picture of the grave site due to the inability to walk or use a wheelchair to the site. We know our chair can offer the option to let these people be a part of the service or visitation.”

The Freedom Chair weighs just 23 pounds and is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which offers the strength and durability needed for years of service. It folds compact and flat for storage and the front and side arms can be removed when a person is at the cemetery plot offering them the freedom to just stay in the chair parked next to the other chairs that may be available to others. There is a large storage pocket on the back to be used as needed.

“Our goal is to improve quality and save lives and we believe this product can be of great assistance to many people," Wright said.

A video of the Freedom Chair is available on Crosswind Concepts' website. Call 707-523-7535 for more information.


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