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Batesville Veteran Néctar Ramírez Serves as Co-Chair and Presenter at ICCFA 2017

Nectar Ramirez ICCFA co-chair

BATESVILLE, Ind. – Batesville cremation expert Néctar Ramírez doesn’t shy away from a challenge – or an opportunity to help fellow funeral professionals. Since joining Batesville in 2002, Ramírez has spent most of her time focused on helping funeral directors understand cremation consumers and developing solutions that will allow families to make more informed choices. In addition to her work with individual funeral homes, she has presented to thousands of funeral professionals at state and national conventions across the country.

This year, Ramírez is serving a dual role as co-chair of the 2017 ICCFA Convention and Exposition, April 5 – 8 in Nashville, Tennessee, and as a featured presenter. Her session, “Setting a New Standard: Cremation Arrangement Process,” (Saturday, April 8, 11 a.m.) will provide an in-depth look at the gap that exists today between what consumers really want and what they are currently being presented.

“With cremation surpassing burial – and still growing, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every arrangement,” says Ramírez, who currently serves as director of customer training for Batesville. “As an industry, we know the burial consumer so well, but in many cases, our misperceptions about what cremation families want and value are getting in our way.”

Ramírez will share insights from Batesville research as well as her personal learnings from working with funeral homes. She’ll expose some of the common misperceptions and share practical ideas for how to adjust the arrangement presentation in a way that improves family satisfaction and sales.

An active ICCFA member for more than a decade, Ramírez has been on the faculty at ICCFA University for the last five years in the College of Cremation Services. She has presented at the annual ICCFA convention twice previously and served as a member of the Sales Committee for the Wide World of Sales event multiple times.

Batesville invites ICCFA attendees to stop by its booth (#1301) to talk with Ramírez or other experts about the latest products and technology solutions, including digital and physical merchandising systems for burial and cremation.

Posted March 13, 2017


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