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Closing the Profitability Gap with Cremation

Closing the Profitability Gap with Cremation:
What Consumers
Don't Know
May Hurt You

It's a statistic you've heard before and often feel in your pocket: The average cremation contract is typically worth 42 percent of the value of a burial contract. But with more and more families walking in the door choosing cremation, and overhead expenses for serving burial and cremation families relatively the same, how will you maintain profitability in your business?

Batesville has taken an in-depth look at the cremation consumer, capturing valuable insights about their attitudes, awareness and key assumptions the industry makes in dealing with these families that could be putting the proverbial nail in the cremation coffin. Batesville has developed a comprehensive action plan to address the major gaps and put you on a more profitable path, generating an average increase of $500 on every cremation call while increasing family satisfaction.

Join Jason Burlage, Batesville's vice president of strategic business units, and Nectar L. Ramirez, director of cremation options, for a thought-provoking and results-generating session. In this 60-minute webinar you'll earn 1 free CEU credit and learn more about:

  • The impact cremation is having on the industry – and the financial stability of your business
  • Key insights from Batesville's latest consumer research on cremation
  • How to expand profit with cremation families by turning each family you serve into two families
Sponsored by Batesville, this profit-building webinar features two top thinkers who are sure to provide a spirited and thought-provoking dialogue as well as help you answer tough industry challenges. With cremation continuing to rise, can you afford not to listen and take action today?

Bonus: The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice has approved this webinar for 1 hour of continuing education.

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Date: August 29, 2013
Time: 3-4 p.m. (EST)
Price: FREE
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