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Funerals of the Famous: Volume 6
Volume 6

Death of a Moonwalker: Michael Jackson - By Tanya Kenevich

The rumor started spreading online early on June 25, 2009: pop superstar Michael Jackson had been rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles. Fans flocked to Twitter and Facebook to get information; separate fact from fiction. By early evening, there was no denying the news: the King of Pop was dead.

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American Funeral Director
January 2013

Taking a Bite - By Tanya Kenevich

First generation funeral director Anthony LiCausi started his love affair with funeral service during career day in 11th grade. LiCausi has found great success and satisfaction over the years: a funeral service career that spans more than 25 years, a solid marriage of nearly 20 years and two great kids. But there’s more … LiCausi is also co-owner of a craft beer company that’s taking a “bite” out of the market.

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American Cemetery
March 2012

Salem Fields Forever - By Alexandra Kathryn Mosca

The unobtrusive setting of Salem Fields Cemetery belies the wealth of the historic names it contains. Straddling the Brooklyn-Queens Border in New York, it is the final resting place of some of the most illustrious names of America’s Jewish heritage.

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