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The Preneed Sales Field Manual
will ensure your firm’s success in the years to come. Whether you’re in a small town, a large city or an international location, the language of preneed sales is the same. Send your preneed sales through the roof with this handbook.

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You'll rely on this guide every day to...

  • Ensure your preneed sales efforts are at peak performance. We’ve packed the Preneed Sales Field Manual full of best practices and tested tactics to help you get more closed contracts.
  • Retool your preneed efforts for breakthrough success. The Preneed Sales Field Manual shows you how to identify and fix revenue-sapping glitches – on everything from sales-tracking tools to common sales-appointment pitfalls.
  • Expand your reach beyond the low-hanging fruit. Discover how to sign more contracts with baby boomers, emerging ethnic groups, families that have always used your competition & more.
  • Get expert advice on your toughest preneed sales questions — from when it makes sense NOT to guarantee (plus innovative ways to reduce shortfalls), to the do’s and don’ts of transferring contracts away from nearby funeral homes.


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