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Transforming Funeral Home Workflows with Electronic Signatures
Date: Sept. 27, 2016
Funeral directors understand that nothing can replace the comfort and closure that face-to-face consultations provide families. At the same, they also understand that families are looking for the same type of quick and easy transactional experience they have grown accustomed to with low touch, high convenience mobile and digital services. (Sponsored by DocuSign). Click here to learn more.
Creating a Powerful Business: Position Your Finances for Success
Date: Oct. 13, 2016
A powerful business gives you the ability to achieve your future goals, whether you want to grow your funeral home or prepare to sell it. Creating a powerful business begins by understanding the business’s financials and cash flow. Adequate cash flow gives you the opportunity to grow and adapt to market changes. (Sponsored by Live Oak Bank). Click here to learn more.
Unitrusts: Advanced Perpetual Care Financial Strategies
Date: Nov. 10, 2016
Maintaining perpetual care property as an attractive and safe environment for generations to come, even after every burial space is occupied, is a financial burden every perpetual care cemetery carries. The question arises: How do perpetual care cemetery owners continue to fund the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of properties like this into the foreseeable and unforeseeable future? (Sponsored by Funeral Services, Inc.). Click here to learn more.
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December 20

How to Evaluate Your Preneed Marketing

Firms have numerous options for increasing their preneed sales; but how do you determine what works best for you? (Sponsored by Homesteaders Life Co.)

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Previous Webinars

Webinar: Aftercare that Works!
If you think serving families stops after a cremation or funeral service, think again. As studies prove, a good aftercare program comforts the family and also builds a continuum of care that allows funeral homes to serve future generations. Learn how to boost market share, establish goodwill and show your commitment to the families you serve with simple, proven strategies.

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Marketing to Baby Boomers

Webinar: Marketing to Baby Boomers
The baby boomer generation accounts for nearly 80% of the total wealth of the nation. Baby boomers are the wealthiest, best educated and most sophisticated of purchasers. If you treat them like every other customer, you're going to leave profits on the table. Get the marketing advice you need to get more baby boomers interested in doing business with your firm.

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Troubleshooting Legal Problems

Webinar: Troubleshooting Legal Problems at Funeral Homes and Cemeteries
Take an important step to protect your businesses with an expert who helps you troubleshoot legal problems. Chris Farmer, general counsel for the Cremation Association of North America as well as the Texas Funeral Directors Association and an attorney with Sheehy, Ware and Pappas in Houston, provides proven ways to avoid problems that can cost you big money.

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Pet Loss Insider

Webinar: Green Funeral Service Strategies & Practices
The demand for green products and services is on the rise, and funeral service is no exception. Get a copy of Kates-Boylston first ever green webinar featuring three of the most innovative thinkers involved in natural burial.

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