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May 23

The Secrets to Facebook Success for
Death-Care Professionals

As a death-care professional, you've probably heard that you need to be on Facebook. But the exact benefits have always been vague and the steps to get there remain a mystery.

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June 28

How to Improve Your Bottom Line

The year is halfway over ... how is your bottom line looking? Learn the effective strategies and changes you can implement to improve your bottom line right away.
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July 20

How to Market Your Preneed Program

Your firm’s preneed program can be an important part of your funeral home marketing. Learn how to get the message out and connect with families.
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How to Work with Hospice
Originally aired January 26, 2016

Pam Kleese is an expert when it comes to data, and she’ll be joined by Kim Medici Shelquist, who once led the marketing and education efforts of Iowa’s largest not-for-profit hospice, in this presentation that focuses on forging stronger relationships with hospice care providers.

Their background gives them the perfect mix of experience to explore the benefits and challenges involved when hospice and funeral service work together.

By finding common ground with hospice instead of competing, you’ll learn how to develop long-lasting relationships that will support families at a very critical – and emotionally charged – time in their lives. Start watching now...

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