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When You Embrace Cremation, You’ll Reap RewardsPrinter Friendly

If you aren’t reaching out to cremation families and helping them recognize the value of memorialization, then you’ll only have yourself to blame when competitors boost market share at your expense.

At the Cremation Strategies Conference, you’ll learn how to cater to all cremation families. Learn how to:

• Help families understand all their options.
• Promote the value of permanent memorialization in a cemetery.
• Leverage social media to connect with families that prefer cremation.
• Price products and services to make a healthy profit.
• Boost goodwill by catering to niche markets.

Instead of just accepting cremation, it’s time to embrace it and start reaping rewards for yourself and your families.

Enjoy a free tour and reception at Anderson-McQueen’s Cremation Tribute Center.

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Meet Your ExpertsPrinter Friendly

Julie Burn

Julie Burn
Cremation Consultant
Dan Isard

Dan Isard
Founder & President of The Foresight Companies
Coleen Ellis

Ashley Montroy
Marketing Director,
FrontRunner Professional
Lacy Robinson

Lacy Robinson
Director of Professional Development at Aurora Casket Co.
David Nixon

Ron Salvatore
Div. mgr, sales & marketing,
North American region,
Matthews Cremation Division


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